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About Us

Tailored Advice
We care about you, your family, and your business/career, as if it was our very own. That’s why we reject the cookie-cutter approach to migration advice. Rather we dedicate time and attention to listening to your individual needs and developing tailored migration solutions and practical advice for now and the future.

High Success Rate
We pride ourselves on our high success rate. As much as you choose us to represent you, we also are selective in regards to whom we will provide visa services. We will not take on your case or take your money unless we believe we can achieve a successful outcome for you.

Fast Lodgments
Our experience and personalized visa and migration services allow us to complete your application with precision and speed. We are methodical in our ways of working to ensure nothing gets missed, documentation is requested upfront and applications can be lodged quickly.

Certainty of Fees
At CICS, we believe in being upfront about our fees, to provide you with long-term certainty regarding all aspects of the migration process and to avoid any nasty surprises at the end. We provide value through differentiation such as writing customized individual submission letters for applications.

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